Rolux RL-FB2 With D-Tap 1×4 Splitter Cable


Product Parameter
Male D-Tap to 4-Port Female D-Tap Hub Splitter Cable (Straight)
Model: RL-FB2
size: 2.6×1×0.9 inches
Packing size: 2.6×1×0.9 inches
weight: 0.12 pounds
Package weight: 0.12 pounds

Product Features
1. Splits 1 D-Tap into 4 Outputs
2. Power up to 4 Devices from 1 D-Tap
3. 10A Maximum Work Current
4. Straight Cable, 24″ Length

With ROLUX D-Tap 1×4 Splitter Cable you can power up to four devices from a single D-Tap connection. The cable itself is 24″ long, so you can conveniently position the four-output end of the cable wherever you need it on your rig. For best operation, ensure that the accessories you are powering don’t exceed the maximum current output of the power source.

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