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we are v mount battery and adapter manufacturer,support customization,wholesale,OEM.


——Dynasty Series——
USB C V Mount Battery


Rolux Dynasty I 50wh V Mount Battery

Exceptional Versatility Crafted with Leather Embossing Design

Rolux Dynasty II 99wh V Mount Battery

Superb Experience Upgraded Performance

Customized Battery Pack

AGV Cart Semi-Solid Battery Pack

Bidirectional inverte

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Our products Support Customized-Made,Wholesale,OEM,Supply

ROLUX International Group (HK) Limited is a Professional manufacturer for v mount battery/b mount battery/a mount battery/npf camera battery and accessories,and customized-made Industrial robot battery, electric motorcycle battery, AVG car battery, agricultural machine battery and so on.

Our various types of batteries use high-end brand batteries, quality through the global certification, CE certification, transportation certification, UN38.3, MSDS certification, is the industry’s major well-known brand manufacturers, in the world have distribution points

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Our products have a number of technical patents , and passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification.

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