Rolux RL-ARG V Lock Adapter For Arri Alexa Mini


Product Parameter
Rolux RL-ARG V Lock Adapter For Arri Alexa Mini
Model: ARG
Available for ARRI Mini
size: 6.9×4.6×1.6 inches
Packing size: 7.5×4.8×1.8 inches
weight: 0.74 pounds
Package weight: 0.82 pounds


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Product Features
1. Output overvoltage protection circuit
2. Low static power consumption
3. Low temperature coefficient
4. High conversion efficiency
5. Protect automatic lock
6. Resistive load: output 12V/2A 8.1V/2A 5V/2A.

* V-Mount Battery Plate for ARRI ALEXA Mini Camera
* Compatible with all world Brands and type of professional V-Lock Batteries 14.4V/14.8V
* Material: CNC Machined Aluminum
* Cable Length: 21″ (54cm)
* 1 x LEMO 8-pin to connect to Camera, 1 x D-Tap outputs 12V~16.8V allow for extra powering for LED lights, monitors, remote follow focus, wireless transition systems, etc.

Our V-Mount battery plate provides the right battery voltage and amperage to use with your ARRI ALEXA Mini camera. You can easily mount the battery plate to a Cheese Plate rig while a 21″ integrated cable connects to the ALEXA Mini’s power input. Additional accessories can also be powered off the D-Tap port.

Our products include professional camera batteries, camera chargers, and camera power accessories. ROLUX was established in 2002. In the course of more than ten years of development, we have worked hard to create a team with professional broadcast equipment production experience. Our battery has passed the United Nations test and obtained CE, ROHS, 38-3 non-hazardous certification and other certifications.