Rolux CH240S/A Dual Channel Self-Adaptive Fast Charger


Product parameter
Rolux CH240S/A Dual Channel Self-Adaptive Fast Charger
Model: Rolux CH240S/A
Output: 16.8V 6A(Dual)
Operating temperature:-10℃-40℃
Charger size: 6.5×4.2×4 inches
Packing size: 8.8×7.3×5.9 inches
Charger weight: 1.77 pounds
Package weight: 2.1 pounds


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Product Features
1. This CH240S v mount battery fast dual charger can automatically identify the battery capacity, when the battery capacity ≤ 100Wh, switch to 3A charging;
2. When the battery capacity is 100-160Wh, switch to 4.5A charging; when the battery capacity ≥ 161Wh,
3. Switch to 6A charging; after the battery decays, recalculate the actual capacity for charging.
4. This product includes a smart LCD status display, and the charging mode is adaptive dual simultaneous charging.

Our products include professional camera batteries, camera chargers, and camera power accessories. ROLUX was established in 2002. In the course of more than ten years of development, we have worked hard to create a team with professional broadcast equipment production experience. Our battery has passed the United Nations test and obtained CE, ROHS, 38-3 non-hazardous certification and other certifications.