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  • Rolux Dynasty I 50Wh V Mount Battery (USB-C)

    Product parameter
    Model: Rolux DYNASTY I 50Wh V Mount Battery
    Rated Voltage: 14.4V
    Capacity: 50Wh,3450mAh
    Output power: 220W (Max) 
    BP interface Output power: 14.4V 15A
    D-TAP Output: 14.4V,5A
    USB-A Output: 5V 2.1A(MAX.)
    USB-C Output: Support PD2.0 and PD3.0/45W(Max.)
    DC1 Output: 12V 2A(Max.)
    DC2 Output: 8.4V 2A(Max.)
    Battery size: 107x75x39mm
    Battery weight: 350g
    Work temp: -10°C~60°C
    Type of cells: Samsung 35E 18650 Lithium-ion