Embark on a journey with Rolux, the premier manufacturer of V Mount batteries, Gold Mount batteries, DV battery packs, and portable power stations. With our in-house manufacturing facility, we cater to both wholesale customization and retail needs, ensuring top-notch products and services. Rolux stands committed to delivering high-performance battery solutions tailored to photographers, filmmakers, and broadcast professionals, guaranteeing uninterrupted equipment operation.

Powered by Samsung 18650 and Panasonic cells, Rolux batteries epitomize quality and durability. Whether powering extended shoots or high-demand devices, our batteries excel, facilitating seamless workflow efficiency.

Certified for compliance with UN38.8, CE, MSDS, and other stringent standards, Rolux products promise safety and reliability. Trust Rolux batteries to provide steadfast power support for your equipment, empowering your creative endeavors with peace of mind.

As an industry-leading battery manufacturer, Rolux continually innovates and elevates quality standards. Our diverse range of battery offerings caters to varied customer needs, while our dedicated R&D team ensures cutting-edge technology integration, paving the way for smarter, more efficient power solutions.

Choose Rolux for unrivaled quality and reliability. Let us partner with you to deliver dependable battery solutions that fuel your success!

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